Fountain Valley the place for jalapenos and cheese sauce, herbs and spices.

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Sliced, Diced, Puree, & Whole

  Lone Tree Farms, Nacho Grande,
& Faro all excellent choices.


Real ingredients,
Real dairy, REALLY good!


Whole, Chopped, Powder,
& Blends!

Our Story

Fountain Valley Foods and Mid-Continent Sales 

have been delivering ingredients to the Industrial 

and Food Service industry domestically and internationally since 1969.

Fountain Valley Foods imports Jalapenos from Mexico - where the people KNOW how to do jalapenos! 

Quantities are in DRUMS, PAILS, CANS, or POUCHES. Whatever size you need, we can get it to you.


And, our Cheese Sauce comes from the cheese capital of the U.S., Wisconsin!


   Our sister company, Mid-Continent Sales, Inc., 

is our go-to for spices. Whole, Ground, Granulated,  & Powdered, these high-quality products come in smaller sizes, of course, than the jalapenos and cheese sauce.

Click here for a list of our herbs and spices products, including Indian spices and thai spices

   We supply some of the big & household names 

in the Food Service Industry. And, we are blessed 

to serve the 'sandwich-makers', too. 

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